Bachelor's and Master's Thesis

Contact us if you are interested in writing your Bachelor's or Master's thesis with us.

Possible topics include:

  • Formation of Stereotypes and Prejudices
  • Dimensions of Stereotypes
  • Person Perception / Interpersonal Attraction
  • Cognitive Foundations of Attitude Formation
  • Information Sampling
  • Consumer Psychology

Current Research Colloquium (WS22/23)

Date                      Speaker / Title                                 

20.10.22               Xuechunzi Bai (Princeton University)

“Diversity, Exploration and Stereotypes”

27.10.22               Linda McCaughey (University of Heidelberg)

“Adapting to information search costs in sample-based decisions”

03.11.22               Tabea Zorn (University of Cologne)


10.11.22               Felix Speckmann (University of Cologne)

“Online news as a basis for stereotypes against refugees”

17.11.22               Charlotte Löffler (University of Cologne)

“Conceptualizing Intuition”

24.11.22               TBA                       

01.12.22               Johanna Höhs (University of Tübingen)

„Motiviertes Vergessen im moralischen Kontext“

08.12.22               Celia Gaertig (Berkely, Haas School of Business)

                       Do People Inherently Dislike Uncertain Advice”

15.12.22               Lea Sperlich (University of Cologne)

The Perfect Pairing? - Der Einfluss von Ökologie auf Evaluative Konditionierung

22.12.22               Anne Weitzel (University of Cologne)


12.01.23               Simone Sebben (University of Zurich)

“Deliberating systems of attitudes and beliefs: Wealth inequalities and pacifism”

19.01.23               Tobias Vogel (University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt)

„Nebenwirkungen des Influencer-Marketings: Eine large-scale Studie mit adoleszenten Verbraucher*innen“

26.01.23               Aileen Oeberst (FernUniversität Hagen)

False Memories     

02.02.23               Barbara Kreis (University of Mannheim)

“Connecting Knowledge Updating and Hindsight bias”

List of Past and Present Seminars

WS 22/23

  • Forschungskolloquium Soziale Kognition (Alves)
  • POS Sozialpsychologie (Alves)


WS 21/22

  • Experimentalpraktikum (Woitzel)
  • POS Sozialpsychologie (Alves)